BHPA Student Training Paragliding power

If you are new to flying paragliders and paramotors, your paramotor lessons start with learning how to paraglide. Once you have learned to launch a paraglider (usually half way through your first day’s training). As your confidence and experience builds, you will make higher and higher flights, The student should achieve the paragliding E.P. Standard at least before considering powered flight. Later the additional weight of the paramotor can be introduced with the ground handling with the engine stopped

For existing paragliding pilots the paramotoring course takes 3 days. Cost is £299 inc all theory & exams, its also possible to do a 1 day paramotor taster for those wishing to try power for the first time.

Aerosports is fully approved for Paramotor training but It depends on previous experience usually its a 3 day course, we have 25 years paramotoring experience flying paramotors.

Please contact Aerosports using the contact details to the right if you wish to enquire about Paramotoring